Lysi - Fish oil (cod liver oil), omega 3 capsules with glucosamine and  chondroitin, Vitajeune cod liver oil for children
SagaMedica - Icelandic angelica based products for frequent urination, bladder and prostate problems, sore throats, colds and flu
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The Company

SagaMedica is a leader in the field of producing all-natural dietary supplements from Icelandic herbs.

The herb Angelica archangelica, with its natural medicinal properties, has been used by Icelandic people to aid good health for more than a millenium. The natural products from this herb, that SagaMedica produce have enjoyed growing popularity in Iceland for many years.

These herbal remedies contain compounds, which studies show can have a beneficial effect on many illnesses. SagaMedica produces tablets that can help with frequent urination problems, and all-natural lozenges with anti-viral properties.

Sagapro - help with bladder, prostate and frequent urination problems  

SagaPro (40 tablets)

Sagapro can help with frequent urination problems. This natural, herbal remedy is produced from the leaf of the Icelandic herb Angelica archangelica.

It contains effective compounds which have been shown to have beneficial effects in people with frequent urination problems.

  Price: € 38,90
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Voxis pastilles - all-natural anti-viral throat pastille

Voxis (80g - approx. 20 pastilles)

Voxis is an all-natural herbal throat pastille that is made from the leaf of the Icelandic herb Angelica archangelica. The lozenges contain anti-viral compounds, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Benefits of Voxis lozenges include:

Price: € 9,90
• Helps sore-throats
• Anti-viral properties
• Cold prevention
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Our products can help with: blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, memory loss, viral infections (cold, flu, sore throat), skin conditions, rheumatic and arthritic diseases, swelling, muscle pains, inflamation, dry skin, psoriasis,rashes, prostrate and, bladder problems, frequent urination, asthma

Our products include: omega 3 capsules (with glucosamine and chondroitin), cod liver oil (fish oil), Sagapro with angelica archangelica for bladder problems and Voxis pastilles with a natural anti-viral action